Mark Tanner

Being the youngest of six children, I was encouraged to use my imagination as my main source of entertainment, and out of that imagination came a strong desire to be more and more creative.  I was heavily influenced by my father, who himself was not an artist, but was very confident that he could make, fix, build, or create just about anything.  Although my father is no longer with us, his influence is still a big part of my ability to create new work.  

Little did I know when I received my first camera at 11 years old (a Kodak instamatic) that over thirty years later I would still have a passion and a sense of intrigue for creating images.  I was fascinated at the ability to capture images at an early age, but didn’t really start to understand the true potential until my first photography class in high school.  It was at that point that I realized my love for photography and continued to study it for the remaining two years of high school.  I went on to earn a degree in photography from the Art Institute of Colorado.

My experience over the years includes shooting everything from fine jewelry to large interiors and room sets for clients in both the advertising and editorial fields.  I have extensive experience shooting both in studio and on location and pride myself on my lighting and composition abilities.